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The Power of

Automation can reduce your costs, simplify your processes and allow you to concentrate on the success of your business.

Our mission is to advance the field of automation, delivering solutions to simplify the management of technology.
See what Automation can do for you.
rightimage Why choose us ?
We’re founded by experts in automation technology with years of front-line experience managing large and complex systems. Our product lineup covers solutions for small businesses, high load websites, large datacenters and compute clusters for scientific research. We have solutions available for custom manufacturing and factory automation for high production volumes. More importantly, we can save you money by reducing your personnel requirements and simplifying your technology management.
Here are nine reasons why you should choose us :


We have a fast and efficient approach. Our off-the-shelf products are streamlined to get you up and running in as little as 3 clicks. pointer


We are cost effective and transparent. Our flat-rate and transparent pricing structure ensures that you can manage your networks effectively for as low as $9 per server, with all the costs shown up-front. Our consulting services are also provided on a flat-rate hourly basis. pointer


We care about your security. Our matrix architecture ensures that you can install our software without modifying your existing firewall. We can also work without administrator access and through NATs, VPNs and other unidirectional networks.


We spend time solving your problems, not creating them. Our cross-platform technology ensures you can work on any operating system with either graphical or text based interfaces. pointer


We provide consulting and custom design services. We’ll work in partnership with your team to make sure our product meets your needs, every step of the way. Our extensive online help and tutorials ensure our off-the-shelf products are easy to learn and use without requiring staff training and we apply the same principles to our customized products. pointer


We work around your existing problems. Our technology provides independent auditing, distributed job scheduling, monitoring and disaster recovery which can be added on to your existing platform. If something needs changing, we will alert you. Then we’ll work with you to fix it, if you have problems fixing it internally.


We provide reliability and fault tolerance through our multi-master replication technology. If something breaks, our technology goes on working for you. pointer


We provide technology with built-in safeguards from the ground up. Our software uses strong cryptography with industry standard algorithms such as AES. Each piece of software you use is independently signed with its own unique keypair to ensure that it only works for you. pointer


We boost your productivity and allow you to do more. With our uncluttered and simple approach to presenting information we enable you and your staff to achieve greater levels of productivity, while accessing more information at a single glance.
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